Probably the fastest payment system in the world..


12 seconds….

12 seconds..

… is apparently how long the average millennial manages to stay focused. We couldn’t possibly comment, but whatever the figure really is, one thing’s for sure: in this rapidly changing world, all of us are getting more and more IMPATIENT. Which means our core belief is truer now than ever before:



Before OrderX..


After OrderX..


A complete solution

OrderX specializes in payment for big events where every second of additional handling time increases the lines, hence reduces your profit due to lost sales. Coming from the industry our self we realize that your bar operation need to be thought of as a whole chain, where payment is only a link in that chain. We demonstrate success by widely accepting this fact. This is why we would look at your operation as a whole to help you increase profitability, through increased transaction speed. We even leverage our real time analytics to help you adjust during your event, not days later when it is too late.

Portable Tills

OrderX mPOS lets you take payments via card reader, app or wristband.


Festival app plugin

The OrderX festival app plugin lets customers preorder food and drink direct from your own festival app. Payment is deducted from a saved credit card.


Wristband payment and VIP handling

Hand out NFC charge-wristbands to customers/sponsors/VIPs, or run the whole event via prepaid wristband. As far as we know we are currently the only wristband vendor in Norway offering to let venue keep the wristband fee and at the same time deliver a “Cash register law” -approved system.