OrderX Autopay

Is the fastest way known to human to get payed the same amount over and over. it can be utilized in scenarios like “Cover fee” or “Warderobe”, but will also fit in a bar scenario when more than 70% of your volume is “1 beer please”. It allows you to reach “ludicrous speed” because your staff don’t have to touch the till at all when customers want “1 beer please”. All your customer needs to do is to tap her contactless Visa/Mastercard and terminal we be ready for the next “1 beer please”. Below you can see how Norways biggest afterski; Stavkroa Hemsedal utilizes this solution.

Feature 1

AutoPay used in cover fee scenario @ Stavkroa

Feature 2

Get to know Stavkroa in Hemsedal; Norway’s biggest afterski..

Feature 3

AutoPay with beer dispenser integration